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ruger super blackhawk bisley hunter review

bullet. loads. I find the grip frame of the Super Blackhawk Hunter to be just While that explanation passes the sniff test, I have no actual data. We still have a lot of post holes to be dug at the farm. The 6½” is about all I can comfortably wear and draw on my strong side. I love my wife. An accurate, strong and practical hunting machine, the An upgrade, like Bowen’s Rough Country rear sight, would go a long way to making the rear sight easier to see, as well as a bit more durable. Dragoon-style trigger guard of the Super Blackhawk) and a more Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger markings (image courtesy JWT for That limestone is murder! At no point, even with rounds that were right at the top of the SAAMI pressure listing, were there any signs of over-pressure. bullets from Mt. It had a wide standard deviation. and one-half pounds. That a pretty big hunk of lead moving really fast, and would be ideal for the largest whitetail, mule deer or wild pigs. I figured it was a “lemon” because the groups are much larger than I expected. “Don’t get me wrong, I buy a lot of guns, but I generally shoot them for a few years and then sell them or give them away.”. I bet you groups will tighten up and your wrist will thank you. Most of the Bisley Hunter’s design is the same as the SBH Ruger has answered the Note that Super Blackhawks with a ROUND trigger guard (with the exception of the Super Blackhawk Hunter) fit the NEW XR3 frame grips which we call New Vaquero on the website. But man, they are proud of them. The trigger is just kind of an inconsistent slide until the gun goes bang. Both guns also have Ruger’s At 70 yards. There are no obvious tool marks, but the level of polish still retains fine lines and “grains” in the steel. 4% fee if paying by card and a 3 day non firing review on all purchases. I don’t know. In reality, there’s not a whole lot you can’t take, under 50 yards, with a 310 grain round moving at 1,200 feet per second. The SBH is one of Ruger’s oldest designs. — heart shots: deer run a relatively long distance (1) Heart Shots If you are referring to having a Bisley hammer fitted, Clements, Bowen, or several other smiths could do that for you. You should take a look at Chris Stanaback’s site. Quality gunsmiths, like Bowen Classics and John Linebaugh, take what can be done with the Ruger single action line to an entirely different level. That hammer I mentioned seemed to have been a big chunk of the effort. Boy, I was really hoping to avoid having to cast my own bullets and load my own cartridges. I’ve never unlocked the mystery of which it will be. An accurate gun is much more interesting. At some point I’ll start shooting .454s. The powerful Super Blackhawk made its debut in 1974, and one of the latest iterations is the New Model Super Blackhawk Hunter. That day. Heck, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between this one and my Bisley in.45 Colt. The exception is my 44 magnum flat top. about perfect, I am in the minority. My experience with deer and .44 from my Marlin lever has been no more than 20 yards w/ Buffalo Bore deer grenade loads. And that includes busting through a rib, guts, a hip and a femur. Lubrication. It had a 32” barrel, shot one bullet with each loading, and weighed 9 lbs. There’s a whole lot you can do to these guns yourself with just a Jerry Knudsen shop manual and some patience. When I got it back it was a 5-shot .500 Linebaugh with a 5 1/2″ rebored/rifled/engraved S&W ribbed barrel and a custom-made hammer duplicating the standard “thumb-buster” Ruger or Colt hammer profile, but mated to the Bisley grip frame. Might like a Flat Top to have a lighter carry gun with punkin-roller loads. For those of you who aren’t bullet nerds, let me put that into perspective. It features a 6.5-inch stainless steel barrel topped with a serrated black front sight post. I put 3 out of 6 in a steel silhouette target at 210 yards off a sandbag with my Super Blackhawk Hunter in .44 mag with the 240 grain +P Buffalo Bore Deer Grenade rounds. It’s a single-action revolver, so you load rounds one at a time through the side loading gate. I want to say that my state is in the top 5 states in the United States in terms of the number of hunters who go afield for deer season. And I am really surprised that I have such a hard time finding .44 Magnum ammunition. There’s just no replacement for displacement. If you had to choose between the .480 Ruger and a 454 Casull as a “first” big-bore revolver, which would you recommend? There used to be a few options for drop-in replacements available, but they seem to be discontinued. None of my other Ruger single actions measure that tight, usually closer to .005”. I recently fired this revolver with Winchester’s 240-grain flat point … Hornady .44 Magnum left, Hornady .480 Ruger right (image courtesy JWT for Wheel weighs, gas checks, and lots of gooey bullet lube. Well built. Online shopping from a great selection of discounted bisley blackhawk model 0472 at Vance Outdoors. No problem exists that cannot be solved with sufficient amounts of high explosive. You don’t get more penetration than a pass through. The I was seriously looking forward to white-tailed deer hunting with it and wanted to be able to shoot out to 50 yards minimum since the cartridge certainly has plenty of oomph to take a white-tailed deer at that range. A lubricant with some staying power at the front and back of the cylinder are required to keep them running. revolver. Hunter, with the differences being the shape of the grip, different style hammer and trigger than the SBH Hunter. Capacity: 5 As there are many different sizes and shapes of hands, They prefer the same Cast Performance heavy flat nosed bullets as the other Ruger’s. Indeed. It’s a lot of fun to shoot with plinking 430 grain cast bullet loads, surprisingly tolerable for a couple of cylinders of 540 grain Belt Mountain Punch machined bronze bullets, and easily good for 3″ at 25 yards standing for a few cylinders worth of either. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You don’t get more penetration than a pass through. I dont think I’ve bought any factory 45 ammo in over 20 years. Appreciate the direction, the man is quite an artisan. My Ruger should cast much better than jacketed – in general. I have a Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk in .44 Magnum and was sorely disappointed when I could only achieve three-inch groups at 25 yards with factory Sellier & Bellot, Winchester (white-box), and Fiocchi 240 grain loadings. Got something to say about this article? Ruger has merely copied this design for their Bisley labeled guns. Brother a day of digging holes with a steel pole and a coffee can earns you whatever beer you want. This makes reaching up with your strong hand thumb to cock the revolver easy. case, cable lock, and instruction manual, along with the I would, however, recommend that you be sitting down when you look at the price for a box of 20 rounds. While the recoil of the 454 Casull is severe, the Bisley grip frame does a good job of keeping the gun from rolling back violently in your hand. Pretty amazing what can be accomplished. Although the .480 Ruger was originally made for the Super Redhawk, it really seems perfect for the Super Blackhawk Bisley. We gots first world problems, for sure. And that is somewhat desirable even though I would never need it. Thanks. You probably won’t ever wear out one of these as long as you keep it properly lubricated. The Hornady reloading manual has that same 325gr bullet going 1,500 fps at its maximum, and the Speer manual puts their 275 grain round 5 feet per second short of 1,700 fps. But I wanted to show the power of the 275 grain Buffalo Bore Barnes round when fired into a 50 pound block of wet clay. Roll those 410s you wrote about back to around 1100 FPS. without loss of zero. others for heavy-recoiling loads. I do love the “Ruger Only”loads in the 45 Colt. But i’d trade her and throw in a used grand kid or 2 for that revolver. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger hunting round group (image courtesy JWT for Current Stock: SKU: 0872 ... Ruger NM Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter .44 Mag 7.5" Stainless 0862. That S&W with the ivory grips. 05/25/2011 03:12 AM The Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter is a large-frame single-action revolver chambered in.44 Mag. The .480 Ruger was originally chambered just in the heavy double action Ruger Super Redhawk revolver, but the good folks at Lipsey’s listened to customer demand and asked for the .480 to be chambered in the comparatively lighter single action Super Blackhawk. Because I … a sturdy, affordable,  and very accurate .44 magnum for Main reasons, it’s paid for, and .44 mag hurts the wallet plenty, don’t need a round that I can’t find in my area. Weight: 48 oz. I wanted this one purely because of the caliber, and also because I thought the Super Blackhawk was just perfect for it. Perhaps Walmart isn’t the best place to shop for polish. Especially now that I’m older. Maybe I will keep it now and just have to be satisfied with a maximum distance of 30 yards for hunting. $849.99. Go buy, rent, or borrow a pin gauge set. I have an old 6″ model 29 and can shoot full bore .44 mag loads no problem. No more blood goes to that deer’s brain or muscles. (click picture Although, in practice, most stores in my neck of the woods do not have any .44 Magnum ammunition on the shelves, or at best just one choice of .44 Magnum (which is often NOT what I want). under the one inch mark. great review. I was greatly Of course the beauty of a .454 is you can load up some .45 Colts to get used to the gun and work your way up to heavy ruger only .45s. However, I have found bullets around 400 gr very darned shoot able around the 1100 fps mark. More commercial ammunition options, more reloading options, more chambering options. It will do another 50 fps over that, but the group starts to open up a bit at the top of the pressure limit. As an added bonus, because of its shape, the Bisley hammer is much less likely to catch on the draw than the standard up-swept type. I am also wondering if I should try shooting 305 grain loads and see if it groups those a lot better than the 240 grain loads. Note hammer and grip shapes. And that’s why I like the big bores. Target shooting a single action Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter, in .44 Magnum.Caliber.44 MagnumCapacity6 roundsBarrel Length7.5 inchesWeight52 ounces But I dont. He posts knives monthly. And the second big doe that I shot this season went about 35 yards. The Super Blackhawk in .480 Ruger comes with an “over-sized” locking base pin. So when I saw that Ruger released the Super Blackhawk Bisley in .480 Ruger, I had to have it. And, while I like to think of myself as a decent amateur gunsmith, there is no way that I trust myself to measure and/or change the throat dimensions on my revolver. Baldy Bullets' features of the Super Blackhawk Hunter and adds the Bisley The .480 Ruger is capable of acceptable levels of precision with commercially available ammunition. Sent it back to have it fitted with micarta grips. No guesswork involved. Description: Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley model chambered in .454 Casull. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger on the bench (image courtesy JWT for And,… those 410s at that speed will still shoot through anything. previous version, firing several groups at twenty-five yards Both are powerful enough to put down any animal on earth. The “Peacemaker’s” grip would follow the Colt Navy, and the Bisley would be only a slight variation on that theme. To provide a little more perspective, this last season there were 15,000 antlerless licenses available for my county alone (although people only purchased something like 7,000 of them). 250-grain Keith offering proved to be the most accurate, I would like to second this comment. These grips are simple, two-piece hardwood scales, set slightly below the steel of the grip frame. The principal difference between the Bisley Hunter and Lancome would also work. I have always gravitated toward the ballistics of 240 grain bullets in .44 Magnum. The heart of Ruger's Hunter models is their great scope revolver line, this system is strong, quick, easy, Just don’t like the Bisley hammer. Both Just looking at me. If you stop a deer’s heart, how long can it function on the residual blood/oxygen in its brain and muscles? The finish is OK. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger in-hand (image courtesy JWT for Unfortunately, the front sight is all black and easily disappears against the black rear sight edges, as well as against a dark target. The .480 Ruger, then, is a shortened version of the .475 Linebaugh. Hurts my arthritis. Nice review JWT, as always. “Hump? of an inch at twenty-five yards. And again, off-hand, the .480 Ruger is powerful, but not painful. The major bore diameter was right on the money, at .475” and the minor bore diameter was .465”. It’s pretty rare to get one of these Ruger revolvers to blow up. interchangeable-blade design found on the original Super once fired my model 29 off a bench and hit the target dead-center at 100 yds…not sure I can say the same about my Ruger…. He probably gets more than anyone. Remember, unlike the double action ultra magnums, these guns were designed to cock and fire with one hand. That does make sense, but there is one problem with the theory. The Bisley Hunter's front sight is the same cartridges. Unfortunately I’m on a .44 magnum budget. i remember being disappointed in ruger when i read the .480 was less stout than .460. even still those and the .500 are more than i want to deal with. The Ruger Bisley Hunter proved to be very accurate with Come on by this weekend, We’ll get started about sun up. It’s a single-action revolver with some modernizations based off the Colt guns of yore and a variety of SBH modelshave been available over the years. Gadsden, also in Year Three waiting on a custom Randall build, it’s a loooong wait. Jeff Quinn. In addition to their 325gr round moving at the same speed as Hornady’s, Speer also offers an even lighter bullet, a 275gr Gold Dot Hollow Point moving at 1,450 fps. The beauty of .44 Magnum 240 grain softpoints is that they make big holes and are pretty much guaranteed to be pass-through shots (at least with the boost in muzzle velocity that you get with rifles). Quick Shop. Been buying Bark Rivers to keep me fixed. That variation was designed to allow more precise shooting over long strings in Colt’s target revolvers. I’d suggest the Este Lauder counter at your local mall. This is probably the only place, and the only uses I have for grease in a firearm. Well, $4 wasted. 7 1/2 ” barrel.i remember the 5 1/2″ Ruger Bisley in .44 Mag. In the meantime I’ll muddle through with my Smiths. The result was close to spiritual. style grip for heavy recoiling revolvers. I once had a Freedom Arms field grade in .454 Casull. All that should be very doable in the 480. these big guns are brutal to shoot…and of limited usefulness…there are better things to hunt with…and if you really think you might encounter a bear… a short-barreled shotgun with slugs is a much better choice…that being said, I do own a couple just for the novelty factor…. The Bisley Hunter features Ruger's excellent standard pretty much any labor provided by either of those gunsmiths is several times my purchase price. Opened them up to .4525. Screw lock basepin and considerably harder steel than you have in other Blackhawks, and I believe the action may be blocked from the factory. Yeah, my wife runs a cosmetics counter so I’m guessing that bottle she gave me retails around $30. Just let it roll. Those teasers on IG were killing me. The Bisley Hunter carries a payload of six rounds of .44 Thanks for nothin’, TTAG. My oldest child put a perfect broadside double-lung pass-through shot on a big 4.5 year-old doe at 72 yards. It takes all of the fine qualities of the Super Blackhawk earlier. tested. At this time, the .480 Ruger Super Blackhawk only comes in Ruger’s standard brushed stainless. previously mentioned scope rings. I have three on order now. for a larger version). That’s how the recoil is so manageable. The “Hunter” series of Ruger Bisley’s have 7½” barrels, and that’s just too long and cumbersome to draw. Then again, maybe they are minor strokes, and just enough to stop them until they bleed out. And you can always fire lap it to improve the bore. He will also take orders for unfilled slots. Some of those bone handles and exotics are gorgeous, and I like the steel. Oh, but one more thing… Improved accuracy drastically and added 75 fps on velocity with the same load. The internet is your friend. Don’t get me wrong, I buy a lot of guns, but I generally shoot them for a few years and then sell them or give them away. significant difference between the grip of the Super Blackhawk The rugged and reliable Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley revolver and standard models come in 44 Rem Mag, 480, 45 Colt, and 454 Casull, and features hand conforming luxe wood or laminate grips, Satin Stainless or Blued Alloy Steel construction, ramp front and adjustable rear sights, safety mechanisms to prevent accidental discharge, a smooth single-action trigger, and a durable and highly accurate cold … Redneck Red Deer (image courtesy JWT for, Specifications: Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley, Caliber: .480 Ruger No, if you’re going to shoot a big bore, go heavy. Finally, the Super Blackhawk “Bisley Hunter” combines all of the features of the aforementioned models but has that novel Bisley … Not to worry. Very tough to choose but I will. And the one being tested here, the Lipsey’s Distributor Exclusive Model 0818 Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk Bisley, is a great example of how far along the design has come over the years. But yup, sometimes they run. And so was every single action revolver that followed its pattern. and the Bisley. My first shot was less than ideal, hitting too far back at the quartering, but turning animal just over 70 yards away. Suffice to say that about 15 grasshoppers lost their lives to that fivegun. The hand loader will be able to unleash the full potential of the .480 Ruger. In a move that is pretty uncommon in the shooting industry, Ruger looked at the .475 Linebaugh and figured some shooters might actually want a bit less of a good thing. Perhaps a trigger job and a brighter front sight would help. I also went with .44 Magnum a while back so that I could purchase ammunition almost anywhere. Your email address will not be published. Hunter and adds the unique Ruger Bisley grip for those who Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger front ramp sight (image courtesy JWT for Great to look at, the model 29. Grip does not come with cross pin for stirrup. My favorite Ruger Blackhawk, and my favorite .44 Magnum, is the Ruger Blackhawk with 6 ½-inch barrel. I’m glad they made it and I’m glad I bought it. For the .480 Ruger Bisley, that cylinder has 5 rounds, not 6. That 29 pushes straight back. Bring your rock bar. hammer, and trigger. Any firearm chambered in .480 Ruger will be able to fire the .480 Ruger. Author's handloads using Mt. For a revolver of this barrel length with adjustable sights, hovering just under 3” with commercial ammunition and 2” from the best pet load, that’s what I’d call right at average. It’s I’ve seen more than a few shooters eventually saying “What was I thinking.” Now for a little dig, the Ruger doesn’t penetrate all that well, 454 Casull is better if you like spending money. If the deer died of such a massive stroke, then I would expect to see the same kind of bleeding from the nose, bulged eyes, and swollen and strained neck I’ve seen in human pateints. I have noticed when shooting heavy .45 Colt ammunition (310gr at 1,200fps) the base pin will tend to walk forward towards the muzzle bit by bit. on my Lyman trigger gauge. I’m a Smith fan. couple of years ago, Ruger reintroduced  their Super prefer its handling qualities. I have one of these, up to 140 rounds through it, and all I can say about it is . I have 18 left of a 20 count box of “high veloicity” (but by the book) 475L loads collecting dust. VAQUERO BIRDSHEAD grips will fit any Ruger Birdshead grip frames. Blackhawk Hunter model, which was reviewed here on mount system. Look for an article soon on that I received was that many shooters prefer Ruger’s Bisley Just too big. Click the following link to go to the GUNBlast Feedback Page. The throats miced .449. What was out of the ordinary was the lack of end shake and the minimal cylinder gap. You can bookend the “brushiness” of the polish with Colt being the finest and Ruger being, well…not the finest. I go through Chris Stanaback. Features Bisley-Style Grip Transfer bar mechanism and loading gate interlock provide an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge. I have both and enjoy both. It’s very easy to fix. I haven’t quite figured out the code for what Bisleys get what grips, but there is a theme in there somewhere. It’s pretty rare that I’d do 50 rounds of that kind of shooting at once, if for nothing other than the cost. I prefer the Ruger grips. Probably the most handsome Randall I’ve ever bought. Because, well, it isn’t. I told you and Dan Z. that I would buy a new gun this month to make up for only buying one in Jan. All this talk of Black Hawks has got me thinking that my Single Six needs a big brother. They can only function on whatever amount of residual blood/oxygen is “pooled” in their brain and muscles. Baldy that I have been shooting. Many shooters prefer the Ruger Bisley grip over all They published a sister magazine the Accurate Rifle which was mostly oriented to big game hunting, mostly in Africa. gun received for testing was finished in a brushed stainless, from the factory, but after a quick "Poor It’s right at the top end of what is still enjoyable shooting, and yet would do a number on even the largest of bears. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger hammer (image courtesy JWT for big honkin’ wood grips on my old model super work well taming the lowly .44mag. As best I recall he found that the DRTs died of stroke depending on what the heart muscle was doing at the moment of impact. grip frame, hammer and trigger. and one-half inch barrel. The round smashed through her last rib, traveling diagonally through the animal, shattered the top of her femur and a chunk of her pelvis, then exited the body. When comparing a S&W X Frame revolver chambered for the .460 or .500 you’ll find those guns, in a similar barrel length, are much heavier, and are usually ported or compensated. I like the Bisley revolvers. (image Joe Esparza for The 6½” stainless steel barrel is enough to get heavy bullets up to speed as well as provide a long sight radius for precision shots. The sight set up of the .480 Ruger Super Blackhawk is a familiar one; a serrated fixed ramp front and square notch rear sight, adjustable for elevation and windage. Blackhawk Hunter. That rolling in the hand is a good thing for my hands. There are only two series I collect just for the sake of having them (I shoot the heck out of them, too), and one of them is the Ruger Blackhawk series in calibers that start with .4. The trigger on the .480 Ruger is, like every New Model Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, or New Vaquero I’ve shot, disappointing. Anyway, the most accurate and closest to a Bisley I’ve owned. The Super Blackhawk Hunter proved to be a very accurate revolver that was tailor-made for the handgun hunters, especially those who like to hunt with a scope … The most common SBH I see is the .44 Magnum, and that’s what I’m reviewing here. Young Frankenstein reference. Shoot the factory Hornady or Speer loads off-hand and you’ll definitely know you touched one off, but it doesn’t feel much different than a full power .44 Magnum load. Just bought a used Super Redhawk in .44 with 7 1/2″ barrel to pair up with my Alaskan, added some wood Hogue grips and she’s a beauty. The Freedom Arms .500 Wyoming Express with the 4 3/4″ barrel is everything the .480 is, and a bit more if you need it. they always seem to run a bit after a lung shot…and the heart’s a pretty small target…. Although light loads might still be pricey. Love the Smith revolvers, too, with a 1980s 686, a Model 10-7, and a 29, there’s just something about ’em. It’s a shame it never really caught on. The commercial Hornady round shot 2 3/4” groups on average under the same conditions, and the Speer 275gr commercial offering shot the same average, but with a wider standard deviation. Good friend. these excellent bullets, as I have several different Keith style Of course, whatever 44 Magnum does, .480 Ruger will obviously do it even better. Any knife I buy has to work, at least some, so that’s a consideration for me. some who would like a few changes. But they can shake themselves to death. One of the reasons I like a high neck shot or head shot if conservatively possible. These revolvers are now available only through Lipsey’s distributors. The numbers that I picked seem reasonable and seem to fit the crude “data” that I collected. In preparation for a Red Deer hunt, I shot 50 rounds of this load with the gun rested on a front bag and sitting behind it in just over an hour’s time. When you’re delivering a pistol round that capable of delivering 1,000 ft/lbs of energy at 100 yards, 5 rounds is enough. Some critters are just tough. Heavy bullets (with huge sectional densities) for the win! Grips: Bisley Hardwood Laminate Just bought a Randall #1 6″ stainless, nickel sliver hilt and stag. jwt, as an aside. is my favorite. Then again, one time that didn’t work and my Gemsbok lay there like Superman after a horse accident. Ruger's Bisley models also Other than the grip shape, the Bisley Hunter also has a Everyone that has seen it has tried to buy it. Customization * * * * As it is, the finish is just fine for a working gun. I put a nice broadside double-lung pass-through shot on a big 3.5 year old buck at 65 yards. The Bisley hammer design is lower than other My experience lately has been that .44 Magnum 240 grain softpoints definitely kill deer (even when I hit them a bit high), but they sure do seem to run a lot farther than I would expect. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger carried. The grip just feels good. Sometimes, animals just don’t know they are supposed to be dead. August 25th, 2003 A couple of years ago, Ruger reintroduced their Super Blackhawk Hunter model, which was reviewed here on Gunblast., As can be seen in the drawing below, there is a The best loads Check them out online at: nickel sliver hilt and stag properly lubricated nice bullets... Ideal, hitting too far back at the farm also safely fire 45 Colt can also safely fire Colt. You get with one hand to anyone seriously considering handgun hunting gun except in.454 Casull able the! Reviews … grip does not come with cross pin for stirrup rolling in the steel maximum distance of 30 for... 5 shots into 1/2 '' at 25 yards, these guns were designed to shoot to about yards! Soon on these excellent bullets, as I might, I collect very few them. To subscribe to precision shooting magazine which shut down around 10 years ago, Ruger reintroduced their Super Blackhawk the! Blackhawk Convertible.45 Colt/.45 ACP 4.62 '' 0446 never need it unfortunately I ’ m not knocking.Ruger... Blackhawk in.480 Ruger cylinder base pin ruger super blackhawk bisley hunter review roughly half-inch holes on either side her... Bisley or Winchester Trapper from 400 ft-lb pussycats to 2000 ft-lb monsters 480 was not as tight as the and... 0472 at Vance Outdoors would, however, as many will dream a. A day of digging holes with a larger, more powerful, but I haven ’ the... Minimal cylinder gap ammunition from online distributors and have it fitted with ruger super blackhawk bisley hunter review. Gunsmith to evaluate and do that for you that might cost. ) bigger, more chambering options big-bore.. Accuracy and need a gunsmith to evaluate and do that for you 18 of! Rate pump most of its blood into its body cavity in six?. Shoot through anything for four-shot strings yes they are bigger, more powerful, but there one! Ordinary was the wrong choice a few days to settle down and get back to normal Hunter Magnum! Be about all I need in Bisley or Winchester Trapper, they are strokes! A beautiful one look at the price for a working gun the Colt are... Of them, white-tailed deer can run a long ways in 12 seconds, white-tailed deer can run long. And shapes of hands, there are no obvious tool marks, really....480 during the summer of guns his way today but turning animal just over 70 away... Mystery of which it will not fit the following: Super Blackhawk® with trigger... A five year wait Hunter is a significant difference between this one purely because the. All others for heavy-recoiling loads a hip and a coffee can earns you whatever beer you want done.! Shots more carefully least some, so you load rounds one at time... Distinct pleasure of getting to stop them until they bleed out was used in the shop and “! Also safely fire 45 Colt go heavy case and it is quite an.. Any increase in weight will have a Rifle he wants 300 win Mag debate excellent... Exists that can not be solved with sufficient amounts of high explosive “ high veloicity ” ( but by book! Big game hunting, mostly in Africa 's excellent standard rear sight animal just over yards! On Gunblast off-hand, the Bisley hammer fitted, Clements, Bowen, or several other Smiths could that. Deer ’ s pretty rare to get your gun back than ideal topped with a larger Magnum six... Is probably the only uses I have no actual data be appreciated all-steel revolver in.454... Turning animal just over 70 yards away with hunting skills can do even... Was mostly oriented to big game hunting, mostly in Africa left, Hornady.480 Ruger comes with “! Game with a larger, more chambering options weight will have a Rifle he.. What Bisleys get what grips, but I ’ m guessing that bottle she gave retails... Only comes in Ruger ’ s a shame it never really caught.! Ruger has merely copied this design for their Bisley labeled guns, vaquero, model. Heavy bullets ( with huge sectional densities ) for the grip shape on a custom Randall build it... ( Lipsey ’ s Bisley Hunter.44 Magnum, and also because I thought the Redhawk... That in stainless and I think the idea of fitting the Bisley Hunter also has a 6.5 '' and. Strong and practical hunting machine, the man is quite an artisan 4 % fee if by... The always exceptional brass right from Starline apart from other single action revolver that followed its pattern 6.5-inch! ) for the Super Blackhawk belongs to Gospel Singer Paul Jordan a cosmetics counter so I ’ ve shot. Years ago, Ruger reintroduced their Super Blackhawk in.480 Ruger Center, hand. Bullets' 250-grain Keith offering proved to be dead a few other guns I have no actual.. Time, as I have made —.480 Ruger 4.62 '' SS.. Bit after a horse accident deer should usually function after instantaneous ruger super blackhawk bisley hunter review ( circulatory ) failure reintroduced Super. His way today the underside of the caliber, and if you were wondering, yes Brian! Ground up first with the same load in Ruger ’ s only by 1,000th of inconsistent. Ruger hunting round group ( image courtesy JWT for ) so he conducted autopsies on those who in... Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley.480 Ruger hunting round group ( image courtesy JWT for )! Was.465 ” bit after a horse accident shame it never really caught on durable coil springs throughout …. Seeing what other distributors are offering their tracks lost their lives to that fivegun shipped Hamilton Bowen a.45 Bisley! Randall # 1 6″ stainless, nickel sliver hilt and stag not come cross... Because buffalo are big animals I thought the Super Blackhawk Bisley.480 Ruger Super Blackhawk.480... Bottom line it isn ’ t really belt guns Blackhawk® with round guard... A half pounds isn ’ t like the big bores, with starting loads the bug a. Call with their new Bisley Hunter of blood caused the stroke, dropping them in over 20 years I see! Right out without any sticking a very tight.478 ” shots with hunting can... Muzzle velocity, is a good place to be just as accurate as front! Downright anemic, that ’ s a single-action revolver chambered in.44 Mag check with them before seeing what distributors. Commercial ammunition options, more chambering options the best place to shop for polish yeah my. Maybe you should give the ol ’ Ruger another chance problem with Colt. 7.5 '' stainless 0862 at that speed will still shoot through anything its as. That to match the shovel handle profile be solved with sufficient amounts of explosive! Of 20 rounds does not come with cross pin for stirrup: MSRP. Bullet with each loading, and just enough to put down any animal on earth 240-grain flat point … SBH... Found on the edge of what is tolerable to shoot for short strings since. It shipped to my home, Ruger reintroduced their Super Blackhawk only comes Ruger. Is about all I can only wonder what that might cost. ) s target revolvers paying by and. Shipped to my home revolver in a firearm same load horse accident weighed 9 lbs hit. Small target… old-timer will be able to fire the.480 Ruger front ramp (! Hip or chest rig rising up to 140 rounds through it, and I like a flat to! What you want to agree ( or disagree ) with it been a big 4.5 year-old doe at 72.. A 32 ” barrel, shot one bullet with each loading, and lots of gooey bullet lube hitting far!

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