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: Used to find matches for any string that contains zero or one occurrences of n. It is used for freezing objects and arrays. Below are the main differences between Obfuscation and Encryption. Web speech API is used to enable modern browsers recognize and synthesize speech(i.e, voice data into web apps). You can use window.location.href expression to get the current url path and you can use the same expression for updating the URL too. The main difference between function declarations and class declarations is hoisting. The undefined, Functions, and Symbols are not valid JSON values. WeakSet is used to store a collection of weakly(weak references) held objects. It is used for sealing objects and arrays. Dress comfortably. When you click an element that is nested in various other elements, before your click actually reaches its destination, or target element, it must trigger the click event for each of its parent elements first, starting at the top with the global window object. Below are the list of some new features of ES6. This interval can be cleared by the clearInterval() method. The forEach method will not wait until all items are finished but it just runs the tasks and goes next. Let's demonstrate the scenario using an example. Skip to content. Github; Archive; Javascript Interview Questions. Currying is named after a mathematician Haskell Curry. In future, if the processing library API changed to synchronous then you can remove done block as below. What is Dependency Injection? // Here, cache.value cannot be used as property name starts with the number which is not a valid JavaScript identifier. So all the multiple declarations contributing to the same hoisted variable without any error. Explanation: The bracket notation with specific index on a string returns the character at a specific location. After that contentWindow property of iFrame gives the access for targetFunction, You can use the getTimezoneOffset method of the date object. Hence, the errors from above cases are helpful to avoid errors in development/production environments. Regular Expressions has two string methods: search() and replace(). The module loaders provides the below features. The second argument of postMessage method specifies which origin is allowed to receive the message. Whereas onstorage property is an EventHandler for processing storage events. The Object.preventExtensions() method is used to prevent new properties from ever being added to an object. What is prototypal inheritance? Hence, the prototype for 'trimLeft' is always 'trimStart'. Whereas javascript is an interpreted language. 1) What is an ECMAScript? It is based on a subset of JavaScript language in the way objects are built in JavaScript. For example, in the below example, handler functions assigned to a listener. No, it allows arbitrary code to be run which causes a security problem. Since the listener listens for any message, an attacker can trick the application by sending a message from the attacker’s origin, which gives an impression that the receiver received the message from the actual sender’s window. The some() method is used to test whether at least one element in the array passes the test implemented by the provided function. The latest chrome versions display sparse array(they are filled with holes) using this empty x n notation. console.log(circle.perimeter()); The output is 40 and NaN. Below are the list of conventions should be taken care. For example, let's log a message after 2 seconds using setTimeout method. It is an event-based, non-blocking, asynchronous I/O runtime that uses Google's V8 JavaScript engine and libuv library. 7 JavaScript Interview Questions to Weed Out Imposters. If your browser(

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